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For the last eight years, Walt Graves the inventor and designer of the Double Duty™ divot repair putter has had medical problems that have prohibited him from bending over to repair ball marks on the green. For several years, the idea bounced around in his head that there had to be a way for him to repair ball marks without bending over.

In 2006, Walt began his quest to find help in executing his idea for a club design that would incorporate a divot repair tool built into the club head. Walt was directed to Julian Bunn of Carolina Custom Golf in Raleigh, NC to help with the idea. Mr. Bunn took a putter head, cut a clit in the toe and inserted a divot repair tool. Thus was the birth of the first design iteration of the Double Duty™ divot repair putter (with many more to follow).

Next, it was of paramount importance to secure intellectual property protection. A highly skilled patent attorney by the name of Jeff Martin was hired to handle all of the intellectual property issues. Mr. Martin did a patent search offering a positive patentability opinion for this new and innovative idea. After the necessary engineering drawings were completed, Mr. Martin filed patent applications for the repair tool being either in the toe or heel of the putter head. At the same time, he applied for a trademark on the name Double Duty™ which was granted.

It took many design iteration to create the quality and craftsmanship that exists in the current design of the Double Duty™ divot repair putter and to have a putter that conformed to the Rules of Golf. Walt is happy to report that on June 8, 2009 he received a letter from the USGA stating that both right and left handed putters had been evaluated and it was determined that they both conformed to the Rules of Golf. Much thanks to Eric Yeh of Infinity Golf for consultative advice and for creation of the prototype and for manufacturing the Double Duty™ divot repair putter.

A personal note from Walt Graves

“It has been a long, frustrating road but now that the putter has been developed and produced, I feel the hours spent are well worth their while. I truly believe that I have accomplished my goal. The Double Duty™ divot repair putter is an excellent putter and repairs ball marks with ease helping all golfers to be less tired at the end of a long day of golf and in particular elderly golfers and those with knee and back problems. It is my sincere wish that you give the Double Duty™ divot repair putter a try. You’ll be glad you did.”

Walt Graves

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