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Golf Putters Proper golf etiquette dictates that every golfer has the responsibility to repair their own ball marks on the green. Ball marks can be very frustrating at times. Having your ball roll over a ball mark on the green and careen in a different direction is very frustrating for most golfers.

Did you know that most people repair ball marks incorrectly by digging at the ball mark which breaks the roots of the grass and takes a long time to heal? The proper way to repair a ball mark is to pick in the indention and then pat the grass down (see video). A right handed golfer would turn the club to the right, a left handed golfer would turn the club to the left, and then on about an 80° angle pick at the ball mark. This will fluff up the grass and dirt in the ball mark, and then you pat it down with the sole of the club. With the divot repair tool forged into the head, a small turn of the club enables anyone to repair their ball mark correctly. With the Double Duty™ divot repair putter, repairing ball marks becomes a breeze.


The Problem

For most people, playing 18 holes of golf can be very tiring. When a golfer becomes fatigued, performance suffers. Bending over to repair ball marks can become tiring after a long day on the golf course for anyone. This problem is compounded tremendously for those that are older and have knee and or back problems. Those with knee or back problems have many days that they would like to play a few rounds of golf but they simply can’t.

The Solution

By using the Double Duty™ divot repair putter, these issues become null. By simply using the club as designed, anyone can become a good steward by repairing ball marks.

When using the Double Duty™ divot repair putter, the fatigue associated with bending over to repair ball marks is not an issue. You may even find that you get to play the few rounds that you would have liked to but couldn’t.

The Double Duty™ divot repair putter is designed to make your day on the golf course as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

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