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For most people, playing 18 holes of golf can be very tiring. When a golfer becomes fatigued, performance suffers. Bending over to repair ball marks can become tiring after a long day on the golf course for anyone. This problem is compounded for those that are older and have knee and or back problems. Those golfers have many days that they would like to play a few rounds of golf but they simply can't.

By using the Double Duty™ divot repair putter, these issues become null. By simply using the club as designed, anyone can become a good steward by repairing ball marks. Also, the fatigue associated with bending over to repair ball marks is not an issue. You may even find that you can play the extra rounds that you couldn't before.

We did a great deal of work the the Divot Repair Putter. It is well made and putts as good as many putters costing twice the price. The divot repair tool is surprisingly easy to use and is also a nice visual aid in lining up your putts. Most golfers don't do a good enough job repairing their own ball marks, let alone any extra ones while they're on the greens. They also don't like a lot of stuff like tools and keys rattling around in their pockets while they play. Having the divot repair tool on the putter at all times really facilitates the repair process without any stuff in pockets or back pain from doing extra work.

Remember to always fix more divots and ball marks than you create in every round of golf that you play. That way the course is always in better shape when you leave than when you got there. The Divot Repair Putter allows you to do this without any pain or fatigue on your back. You will feel better and golf better if you buy this product.

Mike Fenton

When I was asked to try this putter, I was a little skeptic because I thought it was another golf gimmick. But, after playing with it several times, I soon learned that this was one serious putter. Having said that I can honestly say that I like the length of the shaft and the weight of the putter is great. I truly believe I make more putts than I do with my other putter, which happens to be a Scottie Cameron, which I probably will retire. Overall it is a great putter and the divot feature is an added bonus. I find myself not only fixing my ball marks because it is so easy to do, I'm fixing other ball marks on the green as well. I highly recommend you at least give this putter a try, I don't believe you will be sorry you did.

Jim Mastrocola
Myrtle Beach, SC

It was back and in May of this year when Walter Graves first introduced me to the Double Duty Divot Repair Putter. My first thoughts; this was another gimmick club, but low and behold after using it a couple of rounds, I love it! I really do! With its solid face (made of 431 stainless steel and 3° clubface loft) the Double Duty offers great response and feel through the putting stroke. Another unique aspect of the club's design is the 72-degree shaft angle; this really allows me to get my eyes perpendicular over the ball, which in turn helps to reduce the tendency to push or pull as you come through the stroke.

The divot repair tool on the back is bonuses to the unit itself, in fact I find myself repairing just about every ball mark I come across on the green, which should put a smile on every golf course superintendent. Even without the divot repair tool the Double Duty, in my opinion, is as good a putter as you will find on the market today.

Alan Hunter
Golf America Television Show

I used the putter Monday down in Galveston! I really liked it. They are very challenging and fast greens and with the wind blowing about 30 mph, it was imperative the ball come off the face true, and that was the case!
Thanks very much!

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