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Divot Repair Tool

  1. Q) Does the club come in different shaft lengths?
    A) Yes. We offer a standard shaft length of 36", belly putter shaft lengths of 40" to 43" and long putter shaft lengths of 48" to 53".

  2. Q) Can anybody use this putter?
    A) Yes, all three putters are USGA Certified and conform to the Rules of Golf.

  3. Q) Can you modify the physical parameters of the club like shorten the divot repair tool, shorten/lengthen the area that the divot tool is attached to, make the head thicker or make the face longer?
    A) No. That would change the design of the club which is not feasible at this time.

  4. Q) Why did you choose center shaft placement of the divot repair tool?
    A) We tried a heel shaft and we could not get the perfect balance that we have now. We even tried using a 2 inch rear mounted socket with a 72 degree forward lean, to get the balance point back to the center of the club, and then a 72 degree shaft angel to create equal balance and that did not work.

  5. Q) What lengths of shafts are considered standard?
    A) Standard shaft lengths go up to 40 inches.

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