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Divot Repair Tool The Double Duty™ divot repair putter is made of 431 stainless steel with a 72° shaft angle, a 36" shaft, 360 gram head weight, swing weight of F2 and 3° face loft. Also available in belly putter shaft lengths of 40" to 43" with a 72° shaft angle and long putter shaft lengths of 48" to 53" with a 78° shaft angle.

Both club professionals and greens keepers have been very impressed with the design and execution of the Double Duty™ divot repair putter. The greens keepers particularly like the club. They are excited that there is a club on the market that assists golfers in repairing ball marks which in turn will help them maintain the greens more efficiently.

The club professionals in particular like the material used in making the club as well as the club weight. They are very impressed with the balance of the club and how true the putt is when using the Double Duty™. The fact that the club is manufactured with a 72° shaft angle and standard 36" shaft length conforms to the majority of putters offered.

The Double Duty™ divot repair putter was submitted to the USGA and after review, the determination was made that the putter conforms to The Rules of Golf. This ruling will allow the putter to be used in any golf event. Due to the fine craftsmanship of this club, it should last a lifetime.

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